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Creative strategy with extensive experience
across all mediums.


A successful background as an integrated Art Director in advertising, branding and creative design in both print and digital mediums, I have always valued creativity and strategy. I have valuable expertise across almost all sectors of business including fintech, automotive, healthcare and broadcast. I bring a holistic and pioneering perspective that delivers intelligent, creative results with the aim of surpassing expectations.

David Edwards is a senior art director with a passion for all things creative.

The BT Phonebook.
Reinventing the way we 


BT gave us the scope to explore engaging features combined with their powerful search engine that extended the concept of an online business directory. A pioneering and experiential approach aiming to give customers plenty of reasons to come back again and again.


A MINI EDM and microsite. Designed to turn heads.


A teaser email and microsite in anticipation for a new range of MINIs featuring videos and specs for three new MINI models.


A music event app designed to cut through the noise.


Competitor analysis, a new logo and branding, as well as high-level prototyping were amongst the deliverables for this exciting new R&B music app.

Key Skills: Design thinking, information architecture, UI and UX, animation, logo design, branding.

Art direction, creative design,
integrated and everything in-between.

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