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Communicating through advertising and successfully resonating with an audience is always a challenge within a hotly-contested marketplace. It is important that the creative is not just eye-catching but also cuts through the noise and reaches its target audience.

1. "Does Stomach Pain Rule Your Life?" is emotionally lead but with a little humour. At times, we have all suffered from stomach complaints and have resorted to tablets and excessive trips to the loo! This ad catches peoples attention and encourages them to read further.

2. The "Bad Luck/Good Luck" horseshoe is an advert that was to be printed in a very particular polo enthusiast magazine called "Ham Polo Club". The ad was to advertise for the Sports Therapy Department at The London Clinic. The premise: picking up a sports injury can be bad luck shows a horseshoe in a "bad luck" position. When the page is rotated, the horseshoe is positioned in a "Good Luck" position offering the solution.

3. "Your Weight. Lost" delivers a message in only 3 words. The image of a feather reflects weightlessness. Both image and headline deliver the message simply and elegantly.

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