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Graphic Design | Brochure Design


The London Clinic approached Chimera Design to help strategise, design and roll out a hospital-wide campaign to encourage patients to complete a satisfaction survey based on their experience whilst in hospital. The surveys feature emoji-style faces with different expressions to reflect the TRUE AND ACCURATE RANGE of the different opinions and experiences patients have. The important message that we wanted to convey was that ALL OPINIONS AND FEEDBACK count and transparency was the best policy. The surveys continue to allow the Patient Experience Team to find areas within the hospital that need improvement, create an improvement strategy as well as help maintain an excellent level of patient satisfaction and loyalty. Both patient and staff feedback have been a success and patient uptake has been excellent. The surveys continue to retrieve valuable information and insight which in turn, allows the Patient Experience Team evaluate, act upon and to follow up.

Following the success of the Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Chimera Design has been asked to produce a number of marketing and communication pieces for many of the departments around The Clinic. Whatever the challenge, all designs are concept-driven and aim to resonate with the patients, communicate well and have a memorable look and feel.

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